The LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap!
Are You Happy With The Number Of 
Leads, Clients & Income You Are
Getting Right Now?
  • Would you like a consistent stream of new clients?
  • ​Would you like to build a thriving business using LinkedIn?
  • Are you fed up with trying new marketing strategies that don’t work?
  • ​Are you working too hard and missing out on precious time with family and friends?
Do you Feel Stuck on the income rollercoaster, suffering peaks and troughs?
I remember the struggle when I first moved my business online 14 years ago, after 17 years operating face to face. 
I had decades of marketing experience behind me, in my own business and in the corporate world. But I still was completely confounded by online marketing!
One problem I found was that there are lots of people selling one piece of the marketing puzzle and that is not helpful. 
You need the total solution - the process from start to finish.
This is what I have developed for my clients. And now you can access this with the LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap.  

This is not just a course about how to become a LinkedIn master - it gives you an entire sales strategy.

I want you to have a proven roadmap that consistently and predictably gets your calendar filled with high-quality meetings with people that convert into AMAZING clients!
If failure IS NOT an option...
The bottom line is…. 

This is an offer too good to pass up! on to discover how you can create the 
business of your dreams! 
The LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap aims to give you everything you need to know to:
  • Significantly increase your visibility and credibility
  • Book more meetings
  • Get more clients
  • ​Grow your business
  • ​Increase your income
These Are Some of The Results... can achieve consistently with the LinkedIn Client 
Accelerator Roadmap…
This client shared her thoughts publicly on LinkedIn after recouping her investment!
This client wanted to share some of the 3 quick win's she had after just 4 weeks in this programme!
This client was offered a project after only a couple of weeks marketing on LinkedIn!
This client had a turnaround week when his worst month was transformed into his best 
month this year! 
After learning how to write content on LinkedIn this client's post was trending on LinkedIn, placing her post right in front of her ideal clients!
"Tracey's LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap course is more than how to build a profile and use LinkedIn. For the time that you are in the course, she is thinking with you strategically as to how to integrate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy, and how to align all your marketing activities. The process of sharpening your image of your target audience with your message, and linking that to a marketing strategy grows clearer and clearer each week! The individualized attention and strategizing is priceless! Tracey's unassuming style and genuine commitment to serving her clients attracts a lovely group of participants." 

Leah Zimmerman, Executive Coach, Stepping Stool Coaching
Are You Ready To Know More About the LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap?
Here are what the modules include:

1. In a workshop we will work together to nail your niche and market plus create a client magnetising message. I work with you until this important step is cracked!

2. Create your all star, killer LinkedIn Profile so you are easily found by your ideal clients 

3. Learn about SEO (search engine optimisation), the factors that can influence how visible you are online 

4. Discover how to find your ‘low hanging fruit’ to give you best chance of immediate quick wins and income. It's highly likely you will have a new client within one month of us working together

5. Learn the many strategies to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn 

6. Find out how to nurture your LinkedIn connections and warm leads to take the communication gracefully to a conversation and fill your calendar

7. How to handle your sales conversations to convert more prospects to clients and cash

8. Learn how to write content that gets you noticed on LinkedIn and Google, gets hundreds, and even thousands, of views, plenty of likes, comments and shares. But, most importantly, resonates with your audience!

9. Know exactly what you need to do every week to reach your goals - your Plan for Success!

In addition, there are 2 live sessions with training by Nina Cooke, Mindset Expert to remove the fears you have around reaching out to people, increasing your income as well as fears around sales calls and enrolling people. 

You have everything you need -  and more - to win at LinkedIn.

“Tracey is a brilliant listener and communicator. She is dedicated to providing all the insights, networking strategies and more to make the most of the World's number one professional networking portal LinkedIn and find plenty of new clients.” 

 Tim Scrafton, EV Consultant & Visionary, The Connect Consultancy
This is how it works...
  • One intensive workshop session to get your niche, target audience and client magnetising marketing message well defined to create your Unshakeable Business Foundation. This is absolutely key to building your business.
  •  12 Live Group Sessions (90 minutes) There are weekly sessions with Tracey where you will have an opportunity to jump in the Hot Seat and talk through any issues or challenges, ask me to review anything you've done, ask questions etc... I keep you on track every single step of the way!
  • Nine Online Modules taking you through my successful, proven process. The step by step, detailed videos and handouts, templates etc. will give you all the knowledge you need. I keep everything nice and simple!
  • Weekly milestones are set to ensure that you get results in super fast time.
  • Private support group where you can ask questions between the live sessions, get feedback, post your successes and also network with other members.
  • ​Recordings of all our Group Calls. These are especially useful to go through all of the golden nuggets dropped in every call!
I can't wait to go on this 
journey with you!
Failure is NOT an option for you when you 
work with me!
No matter what your goal, I’m confident I can get you there.

I will be with you every step of the way, getting you unstuck if you get stuck, reviewing what you are doing to ensure that you achieve the success you desire.
I make it my personal mission to ensure that you get results.

I offer the personal touch and stay available to you.  My clients really appreciate the real relationship that we develop.  
“Tracey Burnett is truly an expert in knowing the ins and outs of LinkedIn marketing. Her extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and her superb marketing knowledge help significantly facilitate my business, especially when I launched it during Covid, the most challenging time! 

In addition, she’s very resourceful with genuine hands-on experiences in marketing and LinkedIn, as well as business in general. Her connections, resources, her team and substantial knowledge is a real asset to my business and marketing.

Her unparalleled knowledge has helped me gain invaluable exposure, engagements and endorsements. Her stark attention to detail, and her ardent passion and patience to coach in the areas of her expertise truly epitomizes her as one of the most laudable marketing strategists out there! 

Her commendable work ethic, positivity, perseverance and can-do attitude create and establish a high trust relationship. She has helped me create a brand that accentuates my credibility, visibility, believability & searchability. I am so grateful and impressed with the quality of her exemplary services.”

Piccia Neri, UX Design Expert
Case Studies
Business Consultant & Leadership Coach
- Added 810 new connections

- Profile viewed 538 times in 90 days

- She has averages 8 conversations with prospective clients a month

Executive Coach
- Views of his profile increased 52% in 90 days

- Added 238 new connections in first 4 weeks alone

- £600,000 of potential new sales in the pipeline

Grief Coach
- Promoted a new book in advance of launch 

- Average views on her posts increased by 83%

- Ranked top 1% on LinkedIn in her network and industry

CLIENT 4 - Business Coach
- Up to 16 sales meetings each month

- Ranked top 1% on LinkedIn in her network and industry

Listen To what Diana and other happy clients have to say!
The Investment!
The LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap is easily 
worth double what I am charging.

 But it is priced to make sure that it is easy for you to recoup your investment quickly, normally with just your first new client.

And everything you need is here, all in one programme. It provides all the pieces to the puzzle of LinkedIn marketing 
that you are trying to solve. A complete sales strategy.

Save Yourself £650
ONLY £2,950
(one time payment)
What you get: 

- 'Unshakeable Business Foundation' session with Tracey
- 12 Live Group Sessions
- All 9 online modules with video tutorials and pdf's
- Private Group
- Private session with Tracey

PLUS an extra mentoring session with Tracey Burnett

PLUS fabulous bonus gifts - see below
What you get: 

- 'Unshakeable Business Foundation' session with Tracey
- 12 Live Group Sessions
- All 9 online modules with video tutorials and pdf's
- Private Group
- Private session with Tracey

PLUS fabulous bonus gifts - see below
"I think the course is great, you’re a brilliant teacher, genuinely interested in helping your clients, you give considered, targeted and implementable feedback. And everything I needed to get new clients"

Nina Cooke, Mindset Expert
Grab one of the limited places now.

 There is still time to Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet!
This isn't about fake scarcity. I limit the places to 8 people because I want to give you the attention you want, 
deserve and need.

This is the perfect time to be building your presence on LinkedIn. And connecting with your ideal prospective clients. The likelihood is that your competitors are on LinkedIn hoovering up people who you could be working with. 
My Guarantee To You!
You will have at least one client by the end of the LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap programme if you…

1. Achieve the milestones set each week

2. Complete all of the modules

3. Complete the tasks set each week (not just the online modules)

4. Attend all of the live sessions

5. When you get just one new client, the likelihood is that you will recoup your investment before you have even finished the programme - dependent, of course, on your fees.

With all of my LinkedIn knowledge, my 40 years of marketing expertise, my proven 3 Step Business Accelerator Method, the comprehensive videos and written instructions, templates etc., my personal support, and all of the other elements you get with this programme - failure is NOT an option for you!

If you have put in the work and met the criteria above, and you do not have a client by the end of the program then I will refund your money.
I have not had to give a refund yet so that speaks for itself!
Your Bonus Gifts!
(Worth Over $3969 / £3080)
One Private Mentoring Call with Tracey. 
A free call of one hour to take any time up to three months after the program finishes
Worth: $650/£500
LinkedIn Alchemy Mastermind Discount Voucher 
A 20% Off Voucher for The LinkedIn Alchemy Mastermind
Worth: $400/£300
Finding Your Story Course. 
This program helps people who are brilliant at what they do but struggle with being visible and selling 
by Parul Banka 
Worth: $1300/£1000
7 Steps to Create a Highly Successful Online Course.
Delivered by Samantha Groff, Online Course Creator 
Worth: $500/£400
The Millionaire Mindset Scorecard
Reveal your biggest obstacles to success, so you can achieve your goals. AND an amazing offer for a discounted 1-2-1 session
by Nina Cooke, Mindset Coach
Worth: $770/£600
How to Use Google Analytics to Drive Business Results . 
An explanation of how Google Analytics works & how to use it to improve your business results
by Rebecca Osano, SEO Manager
Worth: $250/£200

Video Production For Business Course
Learn about the fundamentals of producing professional videos for your business. Delivered by Alex Searle 
Worth: $99/£80
"I was looking for an easy way to fill my programmes. With three businesses to run, my fundraising events, travelling all over the world and a multitude of other tasks, Tracey’s LinkedIn service was exactly what I needed. It worked right from the beginning when we had 15 meetings promised in the first week alone. Everyone I spoke to was my ideal client which is testament to the work done up front on target audience and message. Over the 6 months of the campaign, 98 of my LinkedIn connections requested a meeting - an average of 16 per month. As well as potential new clients I also received partnership opportunities and even collaboration on a new TV series!"

Nyasha Gwatidzo, Social Entrepreneur
Why invest in the LinkedIn Client 
Accelerator ROADMAP?
1. You will have a step by step, proven, tried and tested process that you can easily apply to generate leads, meetings and clients 
2. You will be sure of a consistent stream of clients that you really love working with
3. Your visibility on LinkedIn will soar so that you will never feel ignored and invisible again
4. Getting new clients and growing your business becomes predictable giving you the flexibility to scale up or down, as you wish
5. You will easily move people gracefully through the process from cold contact to client
6. Creating content will become second nature and will attract your best clients to you
7. Cracking LinkedIn will have people contacting YOU instead of you reaching out to them

8. This programme is the perfect combination of detailed online modules, group sessions with likeminded people AND my individual attention - I will do what it takes to get you the results you need.
"Tracey Burnett is truly an expert in LinkedIn marketing. Her extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and her superb marketing knowledge help significantly facilitate my business. Her connections, resources, her team and unparalleled knowledge is a real asset to my business and marketing. Her stark attention to detail, and her ardent passion and patience to coach in the areas of her expertise truly epitomizes her as one of the most laudable marketing strategists out there! Her commendable work ethic, positivity, perseverance and can-do attitude create and establish a high trust relationship. She has helped me create a brand that accentuates my credibility, visibility, believability & searchability. I am so grateful and impressed with the quality of her exemplary services.” 

Kolline Lee, Love Coach For Men
This Is For You If...
  • ​You are a serious business owner, determined to succeed
  • You want to build your business to the next level and beyond
  • You are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, trainer, expert, public speaker
  • ​You have, or want to develop, a high ticket offer
  • ​You always play full out and not afraid to do the work needed to achieve your goals
Wondering who I am...?
Tracey Burnett is a LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer and Mentor working with ambitious business owners who want to Get Noticed, Build Credibility and Find New Clients on a consistent basis.

Tracey took the leap to start her own marketing consultancy 30 years ago after 13 years in corporate marketing.

Using a unique, successful business process she turned over nearly half a million dollars in the first 2 years of trading during a recession. 
She has a history of creating businesses & opportunities in a market downturn as well as in the good times.

Highly driven and results orientated, she is focused on seeing you and your business succeed. However you personally define that, she is behind you every step of the way.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!
Are you sure LinkedIn is the best place to get my type of clients?
If you have a B2B or B2C audience I can say YES!  People active on LinkedIn are in business mode - with money to spend!  44% of LinkedIn users take home more than $75,000 per year, 70% of users are outside of the USA. 57% are men, millennials make up 38% of the users and 11 million of them are in decision making positions. Convinced? 
Do I have to pay for LinkedIn ads to promote my service?
Absolutely not! Everything I teach you is based on organic methods. No expensive ads, and no tech if you don't want to. Any tech I suggest is very low key, and not essential.
I’m not very good at writing. How do I create content that will get me noticed by my connections in the newsfeed?
Newsfeed posts are only a maximum of 1300 characters and most people can manage that. Once you know exactly who you are writing for, what their challenges are and what they like to read about, writing for them becomes so much easier. This is one reason why creating your Unshakeable Business Foundation is so important. Plus I will show you how to write posts and articles to make it even easier for you. 

I’ve been posting content on LinkedIn regularly but my connections don’t engage. How can I be certain that you can help me get engagement?
Obviously I do not know about your situation but I have not had a client yet who has not got way more engagement than they got before. So I am certain I can get you views, likes and comments if you follow my teachings.
I've got some clients from LinkedIn but not enough to grow my business. Will your LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap speed things up?
Once you have worked with me, gone through the LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap and understand what you can do each week to get you to your goals you will easily be able to speed up your results. And do it on a consistent basis
Will the LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap eat into too much of my time?
The more time you put into anything, the better results you will get. Especially when you have the expert guidance you have when you work with me. Of course, you will have to make time to learn the process. I am assuming that, if you are considering participating in this programme, you want to get more clients and grow your business so any time you spend over the next couple of months is going to be a fantastic investment. And, of course, you have life time access to the modules so you can do this at your own pace.

If you are unsure about anything and want to ask me some questions, just book a call here.
"How lucky I am to have met Tracey. She is THE LinkedIn alchemist, for sure. Thanks to what I learnt from Tracey, my social selling index shot up to 75% in a matter of days, my posts always get thousands of views and genuine engagement from my ideal audience. I'm launching a big even in total confidence, knowing that under Tracey's guidance I can build a completely organic promotion machine that is also ethical and authentic. I literally cannot wait to get started on her course: it will sky-rocket my business."

Piccia Neri, UX Design Expert
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