About Tracey Burnett,
The LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist

Tracey Burnett has perfected the art of taking something as ordinary as your LinkedIn account and turning it into a valuable lead generating machine! Her tried and tested, scalable process consistently generates the levels of conversations you need to turn them into clients and cash.

She works with switched on, successful, ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to up level their business.

Tracey has been passionately involved with marketing for over 35 years, first in corporates like Unilever and then in her own consultancy for the last 28 years.

Highly driven and results orientated, she is focused on seeing you and your business succeed. However you personally define that, she is behind you every step of the way.

The original alchemists found a cure for maladies and the discovery of a means to thrive and indefinitely prolong life. and thriving. Tracey, the modern-day alchemist has found a cure for lack of quality prospects and discovered how to prolong and enhance the life of your business so that it thrives!

I liken my marketing expertise to my cooking expertise, which I have had a passion for since I was 10 years old. When you have made tons of dishes over decades it’s easy to create a successful plate of food following no recipe at all. You draw on that bank of expertise and experience you have built up.

You just know instinctively how things should look, taste and smell and you can evaluate new ideas, or someone else instructions, using the filter of the past knowledge, to create a real winner of a dish.

That’s what I can do for your business. Once I understand what you are trying to create with your business and the goals you have set yourself. I use my decades of marketing experience and the intuition about what will work, to create the environment and recipe for you to thrive.