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Turn your LinkedIn profile into a client attracting magnet

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a client attracting magnet

It starts with the 3 pieces of ‘real estate’ you have to play with right at the top of your profile.

Google loves LinkedIn and in search, LinkedIn profiles and company pages are often at the top of Google search results.

Make sure it is client focused.

Your profile is not a resume it’s a landing page to generate conversations with your ideal clients!

Don’t forget to add a call to action on the page so you direct people to a lead magnet, your website etc..

So, a good profile is one that calls in your ideal clients and you have 3 key pieces of real estate.

1. The banner – this is the attention grabber.

You could pose a question for example, “Is your organisation in transition and hitting roadblocks?” Or a results statement, “We consistently deliver conversations with your ideal clients, so you can transform your business”, or you could opt for stature and gravitas with an image of you delivering a TED talk/speaking or logos of media where you have been featured.

2. The tagline under your name

This is very important as it should describe what you do, who you do it for and the results you get. e.g. “Empathic yet pragmatic executive coach partnering with leaders in transitions to solve their complex business challenges” OR ‘Helps ambitious entrepreneurs/coaches/consultants acquire clients with a scalable proven marketing process via LinkedIn’

3. The first 3 lines of your profile summary

This is all thats visible before people click ‘show more’. This copy should hold key and enticing information to encourage them to click the ‘see more’

So, using those 3 pieces of real estate you are telling a big story even before they have got into the meat of the profile.

Fully completing your profile gives you an All-Star rating. With this you are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. And did you know that only 5% of people have a completed profile?

Next action…

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Looking at your Linkedin profile objectively, how do you think you could improve it?

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Tracey, known as The LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist, has perfected the art of taking something as ordinary as your LinkedIn account and turning it into a valuable lead generating machine! Her tried and tested, scalable process consistently generates the levels of conversations you need to turn them into clients and cash.

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