The LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist 

Tracey Burnett

The original alchemists found a cure for people’s maladies and discovered the means to thrive and indefinitely prolong life.

I am Tracey Burnett, the modern-day Linkedin Marketing Alchemist and I have found a cure for lack of quality prospects and discovered how to prolong and enhance the life of businesses so that they thrive!

Would You Like My Unique Recipe to

Easily and Consistently Book Conversations
With Your LinkedIn Connections and

Turn Them Into Clients & Cash?

How Would You Like...?

.... a consistent stream of conversations with your ideal prospects, generated via LinkedIn and successfully turned into your dream clients with grace, confidence and ease.

You are fed up with all the gurus telling you that they have the only answer to becoming a multi-millionaire.

You have spent thousands on programs and coaching that haven’t moved the needle very far, if at all.

But that has made you even more focused, informed and determined to grow your client base and your bank balance.

As a marketer, I have been passionate about keeping up with all the latest developments in marketing (a full-time job in itself!).  I have tried and tested many things all on my own dime. Now you can reap the benefits of my experience and experimentation and build your business to exactly where you want it to be.   

Believe me, as your LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist, I have the winning formula for your success if you have a B2B audience, you are looking for a simple, proven system that will even out those peaks and troughs.

I Promise...

  • You will never feel anxious about where the next client is coming from – ever. They will just keep on coming!
  • Your diary will be fully booked
  • Your bank balance steadily climb
  • You will have a simple, proven, step by step system that delivers predictable high paying clients and cash
  • You will not need any expensive advertising or complicated tech

Here is where you will find a COMPLETE solution to growing your business by…

  • Creating an offer irresistible to your audience
  • Generating meetings with your dream prospects
  • Knowing exactly what to say to convert those dream prospects into dream clients with grace and ease


“I was looking for an easy way to fill my programmes. With three businesses to run, my fundraising events, travelling all over the world and a multitude of other tasks, Tracey’s LinkedIn service was exactly what I needed. It worked right from the beginning when we had 15 meeting promised in the first week alone. Everyone I spoke to was my ideal client which is testament to the work done up front on target audience and message. Over the 6 months of the campaign, 98 of my connections requested a meetings - an average of 16 per month. As well as potential new clients I also received partnership opportunities and even collaboration on a new TV series!"

Nyasha Gwaditzo 

Social Entrepreneur, Mentor


"With her vast knowledge and  experience with LinkedIn she’s miles ahead of other marketing coaches (who have dedicated their time to Facebook marketing and, due to the recent Facebook changes, they are now scrambling to learn LinkedIn) Tracey’s already “tried and tested” and mastered LinkedIn, making Tracey the coach I want to help me create and execute a LinkedIn Strategy."

Marianne Strait

Mindset Mastery For Women Entrepreneurs


"Tracey is amazing at what she does - there is simply no other way to say it! She utilises her wealth of experience - having headed up the marketing departments at some of the largest corporations in the world - and in turn her unique approach to her own clients’ projects is refreshing. Tracey is personable, trustworthy and always provides a holistic long term strategy. Your experience with Tracey will not differ from this as she pours her heart and soul into every single thing she does. Her dedication and consistency is second to none, and Tracey has the interminable ability to skilfully map out and execute the most intricate of marketing solutions enthusiastically and most importantly, successfully"

Alex Berresford

Founder, AB Digital Marketing


Take your marketing from frustration to FABULOUS!

Are you ready to learn more about our unique LinkedIn Client Conversion System to generate conversations, clients and cash in your business?

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